Alex Lavidge on the Entrepreneurial Community and Transformation

Alex Lavidge

January 13, 2020

On this week's episode, we have a fascinating conversation with CEO and founder Startup Champs, a fast-growing agency helping new ventures (both individual founders and corporate clients) with risk assessments, design thinking, market research services, and growth strategies before identifying and securing strategic investment partners. We hit on everything from how the startup scene needs a wellness checkup, to how do you define failure and success, to what does Big Self mean to Alex, and why his simulated near-death experiences in Columbia was tops among his most transformative experiences. Thanks for tuning in to the Big Self Podcast. We are a learning community for people at a career crossroads ready to rejoin their soul and their role. We have long-form conversations about self-awareness, relationships, tapping into your inner genius, and building sustainable habits.

Here's a breakdown of what we discussed...

4:30--Chad asks Alex about the increasing likelihood of startups leaving Silicon Valley and dispersing throughout various parts of the U.S.

9:25--If you help entrepreneurs build personal wealth first, the entrepreneurial journey becomes much easier

15:52--This Silicon Valley model of entrepreneurship is not working for everyone and it’s not helping build a stronger middle class

22:05--Every country has its unique challenges when it comes to innovation and wealth building

31:50--Venn diagram that shows us the four major quadrants for finding our purpose

36:50--After one personal transformation, Alex discusses his even more powerful one in Columbia, a “deep spiritual rebirth”

45:45--Alex discusses, Unstoppable, a book that is “saving him now”

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